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We are local residents who are opposed to the plans for a huge incinerator being proposed to be built in Horsham, West Sussex.

“The waste will be industrial & commercial. It is not your waste” 

We are first and foremost concerned about the adverse effects that an incinerator of this type would have on local air quality but the location of this gigantic incinerator would also be disastrous for many other reasons:

  • The huge increase in lorry traffic to feed the plant would greatly compound Horsham’s existing problem with congested roads and contribute to further polluting our air.
  • It is proposed that the plant, which would consist of a main building that is 39 metres high and a smoke stack that is over 95 metres high, would be a visual blight which would be visible from over 5 miles away.

We believe that this plant would be disastrous both environmentally and economically for Horsham.

“Waste to feed this leviathan will be transported by road from all over the south of England.” 

There are proven technologies, better than incineration, which can also produce energy with significantly less pollution.

The residents of Horsham do not want an inferior solution imposed on their community. We, the local population, our families and our children, would have live with the consequences for the next 40 years that the plant would be in use and therefore deserve a say!

“Hazardous by product will be transported on our roads to another site to be stored”

Act FAST and write to your local councilors and MP

Click here to view or download our leaflet which explains how to object to the incinerator.